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Thoughts of the bored...

Do you think...

  1. The Backstreet Boys try to get a postcard from every city that they go to?
  2. Nick has ever asked the Mello Yello can for advice in love? (LMAO)
  3. They have ever stolen hotel towels?
  4. Someone has started doing the wrong dance to a song?
  5. Brian will ever change his hairstyle?
  6. Kevin will finally realize that we all KNOW Brian is his cousin?
  7. Fans will actually spell Brian's name right? B-R-I-A-N...not brain!
  8. AJ will ever have a normal hair color?
  9. Howie will finally get the piece of dust out of his eye? j/k
  10. Fan's will realize that there are FIVE of the BSB...and about a abajillion fans...we can't all marry them.
  11. Jive will ever make an unrealised CD for the shafted Americans?  And include the bonus tracks on singles not realised here too?  Nah...
  12. The management will brush up on their geography and realize that there is a place called TEXAS, and that Canada is a pretty big place...three dates won't cover it.  Hey, just tell them they will get MORE MONEY!!  Bet that will work.
  13. Any of the Boys or the Band has ever actually KISSED the ground when returning home from a tour?
  14. AJ has enough sunglasses? Nah...
  15. Nintendo will ever make a BSB video game?  It would sell!
  16. Any of them cry at movies?
  17. There is a song that they think "If I have to sing this ONE MORE TIME...I will be sick"?
  18. They lurk in the BSB chat room on AOL, and see just what is being said about them?
  19. If he hadn't been a BSB, Kevin would've tryed to be a performer for Ringling Brothers, cause, he sure likes to flip a lot.
  20. They have group devotions?
  21. They ever get sick of wearing the same style shoes as the rest?
  22. They watch 'I Love Lucy' LOL..Can just picture Brian, "Luuuuccccccyy, you can't be in ze show!"
  23. Brian is really an angel? Is there anything this dude can't do? He sings, he dances, he is great at b-ball and bowling, he's a CHRISTIAN, he's cute as can be, he's funny...etc, etc, etc.
  24. Who do you think is the best kisser?  There's only one way to find out....hehehe.
  25. They ever compare their dogs?
          Brian "Tyke is the coolest."
          Nick "Nuh, uh.  Willy...err..Mickey..well ALL of my dogs are the coolest!  So there!" :::sticks out his tongue:::
  1. Who would win in arm wrestling?
  2. Which band member is most like each 'Boy'?
  3. If they had to switch roles, who would want to be whom?
  4. Has anyone ever actually telephoned a fan that gave him her number?  And, if so, did she believe it was him?
  5. How often do they read a whole book?  (Nick, comics don't count)
  6. If they had NO performance talent, what would they be doing with their lives?
  7. WHAT would Nick be majoring in if he were in college?  He has never clarified that one.  He just always says that he wants to go to college to play basketball.  I didn't know that was a COURSE offering! :-)
  8. Have they ever gotten into an argument over a verse in a song?  Like, AJ and Kevin both wanting to sing the same verse in IWITW?  And if so, how do they decide?  The flip of a coin, or what?
  9. When is Nick going to get his ear pierced?
  10. Do they get each item of fan merchandise for free, or do they have to buy it?  If they do have to buy it, do they buy it? (Did that make sense??!)
  11. Nick could've picked an UGLIER couch?
  12. Guys will ever come to the realization that not every fine "boy" group is gay?
  13. Kevin wore that skirt on MSB to be funny?
  14. Brian and Kevin will sing at their weddings?  (Now, that's a given)
  15. Nick will do something stupid at the wedding receptions?
  16. Tyke will be the ring bearer, and Litty Leigh will be the flower girl?