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(If this section makes no sense, blame it on Manda.  It's 3:41 a.m. and
I can't sleep, even though I am exhausted.  I have insomnia, I guess.)

The BSB have said some pretty funny stuff.  But, before we get to them, we'll inform ya'll about 'Flicky', because you are probably wondering WHAT in the world that means...well, basically, when one of us gets tired of typing AJ, Brian, Howie, Kevin, Nick, etc., over and over and over again, we use the word Flicky to break up the monotany (Ooooo, a big word!).  Plus, it sounds cool and it's OUR web site, so we'll do what we darn well please!  Got that...Flicky.

All right the first BSB term is "phat to death" first used by Brian and Kevin on the ALL ACCESS video.  Kevin: "That's phat to death."  Brian: "It's fat to death, man." (So, it's SOOOO cool that you go and KILL it...all right, whatever)

Kevin, speaking of Brian's role as a werewolf in 'Backstreet's Back'---> "He's rambunctious, rampaging"...and Kev's ramdundant.  (I told you I was tired darnit!)

PPV--->Nick says "I've got a small, small idea."  Dude, you are ASKING for it there.

Brian--->"I'm the most hyperest."  okay...WHAT?!

AJ and Howie on ALL ACCESS--->AJ: "Gilligan 2000, the wave of the future.  Hey Skipper, where we goin' today?" Howie: "Yo, homey, Gilligan, we's goin' back to za island."  Ya need to go back to za English class.

Brian--->ALL ACCESS on ALAYLM set--->"I feel like a corncob right about now."  Dude, you know your veggies just a little TOO well!

Nick on MTV (5/16/99)--->when they show each guy's look for the 'Everybody' video during a recap, when they show Nick as the mummy, he says about himself, "That's scary looking right there."  Just call yourself ugly, why don't 'cha!  AND his comment about Valentine's Day: "It's Valentine's Day when St. Patrick comes along and shoots ya in the butt, and ya fall in love."  Oh, so it's Cupid who leaves the pot of gold!  Guess I was confused.  Glad Nick set me straight.

Howie on PPV--->"This is our last show for this tour, and I can't think of a better place than Orlando than to spend it here." He wants everyone to know just WHERE they are....okay, great.

A.J.---> Ok, we have to start a debate here.  What does AJ realy say on BSB TV?  We think that he says, "They like Nick's butt."  Everyone else says that he says, "I like Nick's butt."  WE ARE RIGHT usual!  lol