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It's about time SOMEONE said something...guess it will be me, since I'm a loud-mouth :)
Okay, kids (and adults).  Listen up.  I have something to say.  Recently, I was on The Backstreet Band's web site, and I came across a plea that Tommy had posted on behalf of one of the dancers of the Millennium tour.  This dancer, Amy, sent out a plea to everyone to stop throwing things at her on stage.  It seems people were/are being rather rude to her because they are under the assumption that she is Nick's girlfriend.  She says that she isn't.  And the fans arrived at this conclusion because she is blonde...well, I hope that you have fun throwing stuff at over half of the audience at the concerts...WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING?

I don't care who she is.  You people (you know who you are) have absolutely no right to be mean to someone because of your childish jealousy.  I don't know who any BSB girlfriends are, who is dating and who isn't, and frankly, I don't really care.  I know that a lot of you all dream about the day that your will meet one of the Boys, and live happily ever after...guess what, it's only going to happen to 5 girls...unless the Boys go for polygamy (I hope not).  And for those of you practicing your throwing range on that poor dancer, think about this.  Do you think that any one of the Boys is going to go for a girl who would be hostile, and possibly violent, to other girls that like them?!  Taking into consideration that the majority of BSB fans ARE girls...ya know, I don't think so.  But, that's just my opinion, you can agree or not, I don't care.

Amy, if you by chance read this, I hope that you are being treated with the respect that you deserve.  Nick, Brian, Howie, Kevin, and AJ:  If you come across this, I just want you guys to know that I support you fully in everything that you do, and I hope that you all ARE in loving relationships with someone right now.  You deserve all the happiness that this world has to offer. (Everyone does)  I hope you have it! To any and all BSB girlfriends (if there are any... I don't care who is dating, who isn't, but I do care about people's feelings...): I'm sorry that you have to endure all of this just because you are seeing someone in a celebrity position.  My prayers are with you, that God will give you the strength that you need.  You deserve to be treated nicely, and I just want you to know that someone out here supports you.

This is all my own point of view, and I am entitled to say it.  SO THERE! :)

Okay, I've said it.  Have a great day, may God always bless you all, and be nice to people!  It's really cool.  You should try it!