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All of the things on this page were written by Trisha.  She is not affiliated with our web site, [ she may as well be :) ] but what she has to say about Backstreet Pride is sooooo true, so take the time to read her view point, and the parody to 'The Perfect Fan' is really great.  You all feel free to submit anything that you have written, too!

Opinion of Critics

My take on all the reviews, comments and opinions of everyone who disapprove of the new Backstreet Boys album “Millennium”, in particular, the critics.

A lot of people that listen to the Backstreet Boys have a reason as to why they listen to them. Their music has saved lives, brought us closer to our families and friends and overall has made us better people. Not a lot of other non-BSB fans see or realize this and feel they must mock, scorn or put down the ones that do listen to them.

It seems as if these critics have some sort of wall or barrier between HEARING the music and actually LISTENING to the music. If they'd wholeheartedly listened, in fact they wouldn’t even have to, but just took the unbiased time to really LISTEN, they'd hear not only the song, but the words, feelings and emotions. That would lead into the message behind the music. Music is all about communication between the artist and the listener. They would understand this, if they would actually try and see why people worldwide of all ages, backgrounds and of such are so compelled to enjoy them.

The Backstreet Boys not only share their talent of voice and song with us, but their lives too. They set examples by not getting jealous when they lose an award but appreciative and supportive to the winner and not stooping to the level where the people at the bottom are trying to knock them down, be it critics, other artists, or non-fans. They do this by following their dreams and with us, dedicated fans, guiding them on the path to never lose sight of doing what’s right in their hearts. The only critics that the Backstreet Boys care about are their fans, us. Listen to their song that they wrote and sung just for you 'Larger Than Life'. Like Nick has said before, they have no one else in their hearts but their fans.

In my opinion and I'm sure to many more, the Backstreet Boys are selected servants put here on Earth by God's will to be a light to the many that are lost in darkness. They lead and guide us on the right path and it's too bad that these critics don't see it like that. They're more than just a "boy-band" group. They're special guardian angels sent to us by God. It may take them a while to see that though.

What is Backstreet Pride?

My ideal of showing Backstreet Pride is following the examples that they, the guys themselves, set out for their fans to see, learn and follow from. Examples like ignoring what others say or think about you, being confident of yourself and your work even if others make you feel insecure about it. As long as you know in your heart that what you’re doing is right and with the BSB pushing you to succeed, you can never go wrong. It would be so nice to follow the examples the guys set, but not everyone can do it. I, like others, have hopes and dreams that my family and friends don’t really encourage me to carry out, but I listen to the words from the BSB and know that if I could make my 5 inspirations proud of what I set out to accomplish, then it’d all be worth it.

Once I was watching an exclusive taping of a meet 'n greet that the guys did before their make-up performance in Minneapolis last fall. The interviewer asked some fans what is was about the BSB that they loved so much. The girls answered by saying "They so cute and totally hot" a little while after they answered "oh, and they're good singers too". I sometimes wonder if it's an admiration of their looks and personal lives that fans are more interested in than the music itself. We purchase copies of their music, not their lives. It's no wonder why the guys always wonder about the true validity of if we really like, for example, Nick Backstreet more than Nick Carter, for who they as a person really are, instead of their outward appearance. It's not about who they're dating, what type of underwear they wear (if any) and whatnot. Like I remember hearing Kevin say once, "It's all about the music". Being the positive images they are, they've tolerated a lot, but you can only take so much!

But whenever you feel down, upset, discouraged or like no one cares, follow the words of the Backstreet Boys. They’ve worked SO hard to get where they are today and it’s an everyday struggle to get and stay at that point. Listen to their music, follow their examples, believe in your self, and always follow your heart, for it will never lead you astray. After all, these are the qualities as to why we’re all Backstreet Boy fans and we are so proud of them because of it. It’d be so awesome if we give back to them what they’ve given to us. I’m sure it would touch their hearts. The Backstreet Boys are our 'Perfect Fans' and that's what makes them 'Larger Than Life'.

'This is on behalf of all your fans worldwide. The ones that weren’t lucky enough to have the love and support from their parents and teachers, to reach their goals and dreams and to never lose faith  or give up hope. To us, you are our teachers.  Some of us may not of been lucky enough to find that love, but we have been equally blessed to find that love in your music and into our lives. Thank you for all of the love and support you have given us and for not giving up on us when we already did.  And most importantly, thank you for being the ambassador’s of God’s Love and  leading those who were lost and alone in the darkness, back into the light. You may not be perfect, but in our eyes, you prove to be larger than life and our perfect fans, and in our hearts, that’s perfect enough.  May God bless you and keep your hearts safe.’

The Perfect Band
(A dedication to the Backstreet Boys)
by: Trisha

(Verse 1)
It takes a lot to know what is love
It’s not the big things but the little things
that can mean enough
A lot of trials that we’ve been though
And when we’d give all up or lose all hope,
We would think of you
You’ve been always there for us
Never lost sight of what’s in our hearts, always to believe

You showed us
When we were lost just where to go
You taught us
Everything that we should know
When we fell down you would pick us up
Just by reaching out your hands
Cuz BSB you always were the perfect band

(Verse 2)
God has been so good
Blessing us with the chosen ones doing all they could
Life’s been a never ending race
But it’d be worth it all just to see that smile on your face
We wanna thank you for what you’ve done
In hopes we can give back to you and be the perfect ones

(Repeat Chorus)

You showed us how to love
You showed us how to care
When We'd lose our way
You would always be there
We wanna thank you for that time
In our eyes you’ll always shine

(Repeat Chorus)

Cuz Nick you always were
AJ you always were
Kevin you always were
Howie you always were
Brian you always were
The perfect band

We love you Backstreet Boys :)