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How it all started:  We have always been fans of the Backstreet Boys, and we wanted to show everyone just how much we like their music, and how much we respect them as human beings.  So, since it IS the Millennium, what better way to express those feelings than through a web site?

This web site, since it's birthdate (Jan 7, 1999), has grown and changed quite a bit.  It started out as just one page, with a few pictures and the bio's of the Boys.  But, as we observed, there are about a million other web sites with that stuff.  So, we gave the site lots of milk, and it grew.  Now it contains a lot more things, and new ideas are sure to come.

We also made this web site to HAVE FUN.  If you are offended at the fact that we host a humor page about BSB, sorry, you'd have a better chance of being the one to pluck Kevin's eyebrows before we take it down.  It is just in fun!  We didn't make this web site to be ruthless, spiteful or mean...we are DIE-HARD Backstreet fans, but we see the HUMAN side of them too.  Yeah, kids, they are HUMANS.  That means, they breathe air, they use the toilet, and they do some dumb-@ss stuff that we can't help but laugh at.  Hey, we do dumb-@ss stuff all of the time...there's no shame in it!  It's part of the wonderful thing called LIFE!  We laugh at the BSB, and we laugh at ourselves...makes life a LOT less stressful, and a LOT more fun...Now, none of you can tell us that you have never cracked a joke about the Boys.  (Sometimes, the Boys probably do the stuff to make people laugh.  We would be the last to disappoint them!)

Besides, look at all the stuff that we have done out of respect for them.  First, we took the TIME to make this dang web site.  We joined the WWTT campaign b/c we like fan fiction as much as the next person, but there is a line you can cross with it, we TOTALLY respect any and all girlfriends...(though we are kinda jealous of 'em)...we have our own campaign to stop the rumors that circulate the Internet...we are NOT going to back up the tabloids with stupidity...get the, okay, we poke fun at them a what? Ok, we got that off of our chests...

We used to have pictures of the Boys on this web site, but we took them down.  The reasons for that are:

  1. It uses up a lot of web space.
  2. It is kind of pointless, because there are so many web sites out there with THOUSANDS of pictures, and it gets boring looking at the same ones over and over.
  3. We will be the first ones to admit that we think the Boys are very good-looking, but that is not the reason that we love them so much.  We want other people to focus on the reason that the Backstreet Boys exist in the first place: Because they are extremely talented vocalists, and work very hard at what they do.  Thousands of pictures posted on this web site would just bury the main point of the site: The admiration of the Boys for their MUSIC.
  1. Be as original as possible...taking into consideration that hundreds of thousands of web sites have been made honoring these guys.  We try our hardest, but it is very HARD!  If ya'll have any suggestions, we would love to hear them.  Email us with them please.
  2. We NEVER, EVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER post any questionable information about any of the Boys on this web site.  NOTHING about any girlfriends, or any other personal things will EVER be posted on this web site.  Any biographical information used on this web site did/will come from, and we feel that site is the most reliable that you can get.
  3. Have fun with it.  We know that we poke a lot of fun at the Boys, but, it is not done out of meanness or spite.  Never question our respect or admiration for the Boys.  We'll say it loud and clear: WE LOVE THESE GUYS!  Am I repeating myself....d@mmit, Kevin, see what your influence has DONE?!!
  4. From time to time, we will post non Backstreet stuff on our web site.  We do this because we feel that these things need to be said, and you are already here, so why not read them?
  5. Realize that these guys are human beings, not gods.  Although, at times, I wonder if maybe they could be angels...especially Brian. :)

This web site is mostly the creation of Amanda,  the one typing this stuff now.  I also makes all of the graphics.  But, I wouldn't be able to do this without my friend!  September 7, 1999 marked the appearance of Angela to the web site.  She helps keep me going when it seems as if there is nothing LEFT to make fun of.  Humor is hard people.  Without Ange there to point stuff out, we would ALL miss out on TONS of laughs!  It's all about the teamwork!  YAY TEAM! *does cartwheel and bobs head incessently* Like, go, fight, WIN!

So, that's why we created the web site that you are surfing through now.  We hope that you are glad that we did.