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Can you tell me how to get to Sesame St.?

Ok, here is our little match up of Backstreet Boys to Sesame St. characters.

Cookie Monster Nick - Need more cookies!  Cookies good...yo.  Me like COOKIES! (DISCLAIMER: This is not a fat joke!  they just have the same amount of words in their vocabulary..10 words.)

Count AJ - Today we are going to learn about the two best letters in the world..6 and 9.  Do you kids know what the best thing about 6 and 9 is?
If you take the 6 and flip it becomes a 9.  If you take a 9 and flip it becomes a 6.  People whose favorite numbers are 6 and 9 are
really cool people.  Especially if they put 6 and 9 together!

Tickle Me Brian - Hehehehehe....that TICKLES!  (Starts shaking from laughter)

Bert "Brows" Kevin - All I wanted for my birthday was some twizzers...Ernie can't do ANYTHING right.

Snuffle-Howiegus - *wink, wink* Awwwww.  I'm a nice guy.