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A Seduction in Black & Blue

(Warning...don't sing "Everybody" around Ange...or Nick, at least omit the "Am I sexual?!" part!!)

The concert was amazing. Once again our boys blew me away. However, in agreement with my subconscious obsession with Nick (J/K) I have now given up hope that they will think of me as normal.

There we were, enjoying the concert. They show us the Boys in their dressing room under the stage changing for the next number. They haul out water guns and silly string and I am laughing so hard I am almost crying.

Then the lights go out and they come up behind us. They sing and a catwalk lowers. They walk across the catwalk and are about five feet away from us. I am dancing to the music like I would in a club (because I am 20 and can go to a club) and guess what? Nick looks right at me while I am pulling a very sexy signature move. He continues singing but grins as he is doing it then continues walking. I know that at that point I was beet red.

So to anybody who goes to a concert after reading this, if they talk about a fan trying to seduce Nick; email us and let me know so I can change my name. (J/K) - Ange