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A rumor is a terrible thing. Can you ever think of a time when you heard someone saying something about you that was totally off base? How did it make you feel? Can you remember how it started? Most of the time, rumors are passed along starting with a half truth and each time the tale is told, it changes a little, until it has gotten so mixed up, that it is impossible to pick the half truth that it started with out of it. Just because you hear something about someone, it doesn't mean that it is true.

Each web master on the internet wants to offer something that is different from the other web sites that are on the same topic, which is good, because, after a while, it gets tiring looking at the same old stuff. But now, it seems that web masters are trying to out-do the others by having "EXCLUSIVE" stuff on their web site. It has gotten to where anything goes, no matter how ridiculous the notion is. I mean, COME ON! How many times is poor Brian going to die? Can you count how many times the group has broken up?  Or how many times a member has been hospitalized after a fight within the group? How many girlfriends do these guys have? Bet that it gets rather expensive around Christmas and Valentine's Day!

The Backstreet Boys are in the entertainment business, but only FOR THE MUSIC! Their personal lives should remain just that. PERSONAL. Wait until you hear something from their own mouths before you draw a conclusion. Don't always rely on the media for the truth, because, *GASP*, the media has been known to be wrong. That may be shocking to some of you, but it's true. Another *GASP*--In some cases, the media will even make up stories just to attract more readers/viewers/listeners.  Have you read The Heart & Soul of Nick Carter?  Well, I (Amanda) have.  Read it again.  You'll see the light about magazine/tabloid articles.  Who would know better than someone on the inside?

And about the girlfriend's really no one's business but the BSB if they have girlfriends or not. So, quit with the girlfriends stuff already! Ok, We've vented.

If you are in agreement with what has been said here, then you are more than welcome to use our rumor-free banner on your web site. Just save the image, and link it to Then, email us to let us know that you have joined the cause. Let's keep it true, keep it real, and KTBSPA!

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