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The ridicule of "boy band" fans....WHY?

Is it just me, or do the fans of so-called "boy bands" take a lot of junk from other people for being fans?  Especially the older ones.  Why is this?

This whole "boy band" thing is ridiculous.  I know that a lot of the fans, (not all, but a lot) especially the younger ones, like the guys a lot for their physical appearances.  That's just part of growing up.  New Kids On The Block were very popular when I was in the fifth grade, and I myself used to day-dream about marrying Joe McIntyre.  That is just part of being a young girl.  I'm sure for many of us, an interest in boys really started happening when we saw a cute boy in a movie, or on the cover of a new music album.  As long as the young fans realize that the Backstreet Boys are out there because of the MUSIC, there is no harm in having a little crush on one of the Boys.  Just keep things in perspective.  Because of these circumstances, however, it is very hard not to be ridiculed if you are a fan of the Backstreet Boys and over the age of 16.

    I myself am 20, I have outgrown the idol worship of a group member on the basis of his looks  (ironically, I am now actually old enough for the guys...I will admit though that I think Nick is absolutely precious) and even though I make it clear that I am a fan for THE MUSIC, I get funny looks from people when I say that I am a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys.

    I became a fan of the Backstreet Boys before I even knew WHAT they looked like.  When I first heard 'Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart)' back in the summer of 1997, (I was 18 at the time) that's when I knew that these guys would definitely be going places.  Hey, they went straight to my heart!  Their songs have touched and inspired me more than I think I could ever express.  There is just such a unique quality about these guys, and they have managed to keep their individuality, even with all these other 'boy bands' popping out of the freakin' woodwork lately!  They are successful because they have stayed true to THEIR beliefs and THEIR dreams.

    Here's my question for ya'll to ponder.  This is just an example, but one that I'm sure many of you can relate to:

    Why is it all right for 35 year old men to go crazy over the Super Bowl or golf, spend $50 on a ticket for every game his favorite team/player plays in, buy collectibles, and idolize a particular player, but it's not okay for a 20 year old woman to be a fan of the music by the Backstreet Boys?
    It is like there is this underlining double-standard.  And that should stop.  We Backstreet Boys fans are not hurting anyone by listening to the music, buying the videos, or attending the concerts.  In fact, it could probably be said that the Backstreet Boys may have actually HELPED some of their fans.  They have inspired and touched the hearts of literally MILLIONS of people, both young and "old".

    I'm not going to be a "closet fan" just because other people are too narrow-minded to see that being a Backstreet Boys fan makes me happy.  And, in this world, isn't that what everyone is striving to achieve?  So, my method may not be as "conventional" as other women my age.  But, hey, you know what?  I'm not going to apologize for being ME.  And I hope that none of you feel that you should, either.  I just thought I would say that.   Have a great day, God bless you always, hold your head up high and KEEP THAT BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!

Lots of Love,

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