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Our response...
to the little comments they sing.

If you knew what I knew....well, if you would TELL what you knew, we wouldn't be having this problem, now WOULD WE?!  Huh?

I'll never find someone like you...Well, that could be because there is only one of each of us...duh.

If I only knew that words to say, the road to take, to find a way back to your heart...More than likely, ya wouldn't have f*cked up in the first place...ya think?!

I want it that way....WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!  D@MN...CLARIFICATION...a very good thing, ya know.

Quit playin' games with my heart...Guys should never sing that line...oh, we are so sure that ya'll have NEVER played a girl before...uh huh.

You wrote the book on love....and why in the HELL didn't you read it?! (Thanks for that one Amy!)

Everything I have is for you...So, I get the car, the house, the pugs, and your bad@ss attitudes?  Oh, yeah, let's not forget the cash too! *evil little grin*

If you want it to be good girl...You'll send me to *N Sync, right?

I'd go anywhere for you....damn, takes ya a long freaking time.  I've been in the same place for 3 years!

Like a flower to a tree....if that's a pick up line...uhh, get the freak away from ME!