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We swear...THEY are stalking US!!!

Ok, of course you all can figure out that we are REALLY huge Backstreet Boys fans.  BUT, even when they are the LAST thing that we are thinking about, something BSB related pops up out of nowhere.  We are beginning to wonder if we have some kind of cosmic connection that makes MTV - radio stations - play the music.  And it always happens when we are together!  Hmmm...

Here are a couple of the cases:

  1. Ange drives over to Manda's house.  The SECOND she pulls into Manda's driveway, SMTM(OBL) starts playing.
  2. That same day, we are chillin' in the living room, and Manda starts channel surfing...well, low and behold, MTV is showing Backstreet TV (the show of the day Millennium was released)
  3. Manda calls Ange from work, and Ange is watching LTL on MTV.
  4. Ange calls Manda, and while they are talking (a rather short conversation) Manda turns on her radio, and AIHTG is playing.
  5. We post on At-ti-tudes that Brian should get Tyke a little sister...and he does!
  6. And, of  course, there is the whole Charleston, SC story.
Ok, we know that you may all be thinking...whatever.  But, this is getting  But, we will welcome it to continue! :-)