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 All of Them: (5/16/99) During the MTV trivia, when they were paired up with 5 girls, they all got up and let the girls have their seats.  Such gentlemen!  Awwww.

Nick and Brian: It must be a tradition for 'ALAYLM' for them to start frickin' and frackin' in the middle of the song.  But, it is AWFUL cute.  PPV---When they are doing the transition from 'Get Down' to 'WGIGO', they are in the middle of the stage, and Brian tickles Nick...that's just too cute.

PPV---> In the middle of ALAYLM when Nick is singin' and then he holds out his mic for Brian to sing on, it takes Brian at least two seconds to figure this out and sing into it!!! (submitted by Layla)

AJ and Howie:  PPV concert, during 'AIHTG,' when they are beside each other singing, they look an awful lot alike there.

Brian and Kevin: PPV---> During 'AIHTG,' Kevin and Brian were fighting to stay in front of each other. HAHAHAHA.

Kevin, Brian, Howie, and AJ: They have learned their lessons about letting Nick talk in interviews and acceptance speeches.  One of them (usually Kevin) is always interrupting Nick.  Poor baby.

Everyone but Nick has at some point sported facial hair.


Okay, his, I have problems finding styles that look good on me...but AJ, durn, every freakin' shape in the world looks great on him.  How is THAT for fair?

He's a tease.  STOP that Flicky!  It's just not fair to those with weak hearts.

PPV---> During his solo, he took a bow BEFORE and AFTER he sang. ('Cause he's just THAT good...really, no joking.)

PPV concert---> His little neh..neh...neh..neh...neh..neh... in the middle of 'Hey Mr. DJ'.  All right now Flicky!   Oh, yeah, and he seemed VERY interested in the floor too.

If he isn't wearing sunglasses, he has his hat pulled down so far we STILL can't see his eyes.  We are going to find him and yank off the hat and sunglasses to get at look at his eyes.

AJ....gotta love him.  'Cause, in the words of my 8 year old cousin, "Man, he's sexy!"


(5/16/99 MTV) He forgot Nick's BIRTHDAY!  Flicky, you have been in a group with him for almost 7 years...lay off the Kool Aid!  It's Jan. 28, 1980.

He always speaks of himself in third person.  Example: Ask him his favorite color and he'll reply: "Howie D's favorite color is purple."  Guess he wants to be objective.

He can sing great, but he can't form a sentence to save his life.  Example: PPV--->His solo, when he is talking before singing, "This is our last show for this tour, and I can't think of a better place than Orlando than to spend it here."  Road map!  I'm lost.


(5/16/99 MTV) He's wanting to be a gentleman with the stickers...THEN WHY DID HE KEEP TRYING TO PUT THEM ON HER CHEST!?!?!  Sings like an angel, looks like an angel, thinks like a guy.  So much for perfection.

He says "hello" at the oddest times.  Like in the middle of a song.  Hey Bri!

He takes that dog EVERYWHERE.

He pronounces "can't" as "cain't"...hey, just like we do!

His jaw is cool-looking. (Geez, Shan, drop the JAW stuff already!---Manda)

He loves to inpersonate INANIMATE objects....a corncob, a spaceship...where will it end?  Personally, we would love to see him inpersonate a cuddly teddy bear...awww!


He once commented "This is interesting.  This is a hallway."  THAT'S interesting??!  Hey, come to my house.  I have a hallway.  I mean, if you're interested...

PPV--->He wants everyone to sing "Ho" during his solo.  What tha...

He doesn't sing much in the songs, but he does ALL the talking in the interviews.

He is lookin' finer in every new picture they take of him.  Keep clickin those shutter buttons ya'll!


Turn my head for two seconds and what happens...he grows up!  Very nicely too! Mmmmm.

(MTV 5/18/99) He said, "Much props to Andrew for watching the song...watching the song...I mean WRITING the song."  Write what you're, oops, I mean WATCH what you're saying sweetie.

He kept hitting the buzzer without knowing the answer on MTV Trivia (5/16/99). What tha...

As one fan's mom pointed out on MTV, he has a cute butt. (Manda, you hypocrite.  I'll stop talking about Bri's jaw when YOU get over Nick's butt!---Shan) (I guess that will be never then...---Manda)

PPV---> He just didn't seem to get the whole idea.

He always sings the sexually explicit lyrics in songs:  1He's the only lead vocal in If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy) (the freakin' title's almost as long as the song! Grrr)  2Backstreet's Back--->"Am I sexual?"; 3Don't Want You Back--->"But I should have known that I would be another victim of your sexuality."

He also sings the, hmmm, for lack of a better description, 'dummy lines', in songs:  That's The Way I Like It--->"Somebody told me that you're not my type, so have I lost my mind?", Don't Wanna Lose You Now--->"I never thought that I would lose my mind."  Back To Your Heart--->"If I wasn't such a fool..." Just a coincidence?

He always gives a cheesy grin when a camera does a close-up on him.

He's always leaning on someone, be it another BSB,  or a talk show host or someone.  (Wish I was that LUCKY)

Lately, he refuses to smile in pictures...scenario:

Photographer: SMILE!
Nick: thinking (...well, it could happen!) "I will not!  You can't make me! Nah nah nah nah boo boo!"  Just freakin' SMILE already.  It won't hurt...I promise.
On the 1998 Orlando, Florida concert,  Nick kept on bugging people. I recorded it off the Fox Family channel, and I saw Nick tap A.J.'s shoulder during "Hey Mr. DJ" and then he did it to Howie during "Let's Have a Party". One thing for sure is Nick kept on bothering people. Then during "Get Down" Nick tries to sneak up behind A.J. but A.J. grabs Nick's hat.  They sure play around a lot.  (Thanks Emily)

He sets himself up to be picked on.  He makes this humor page just too easy.  But, hey, you just have to love him.  He's precious.  (I can just see him blushing at being called 'precious'. LOL Awwww!)