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These are some of the email responses I (Amanda) recieved for the article "The Ridicule of 'Boy Band'Fans...WHY?", which is posted here on our web site, and also on Backstreet.Net.  I just wanted to share the awesome opinions and views expressed to me from other 'older' BSB fans.  See, older fans, we are not alone.

    Just read your article on the ridicule of 'boy band' fans.  Thanks for your thoughts and I agree with them wholeheartedly!  Ironically, at 33 I am actually too old for the guys!  (Although if Kevin wanted to give it a shot with an older woman I would not be averse to the thought!)
    I am ridiculed for liking the music of the Backstreet Boys as well.  Last year when I bought tickets for myself and my two children to attend a local concert people thought I was nuts for spending that much money.  Of course, no one says anything to my brother who spends $1000+ every year to watch golf.  No one says anything to my brother in law who spends an extra $30/month for cable so he can watch all of his favorite sports!
    I no longer hide behind my kids when talking about the Backstreet Boys.   I stand up and say that I really like their music and what the heck is wrong with that?  Mind you...I still get the sniggering and teasing but I don't care anymore.  I love their music and have been listening for almost 4 years and I am saving my pennies now so that a friend of mine and I can attend the next Backstreet Boys concert nearest us (unfortunately this time it will be in Montreal so we will have to drive 1 day to get there and one day back).  When my friends' husbands drive to Montreal to see an NHL game it is just a guy thing, when I tell people I am saving to go to Montreal to see BSB they look at me as if I have two heads.
    Are we crazy?  I don't think so...we just have to recruit some more fans that have actually surpassed adolescence!  Again, thanks for the article...nice to know I am not alone!---Jennifer

    I just wanted to say my BIG THANKS to you for what you wrote on the 'boy band' fans.  I exactly know, what it was about, just because...I'm 20 too...and a really huge fan of the Boys' music. I'd die for it...maybe.:) And believe me, it's a wonderful feeling to see other people of your age could be the Boys' fans as well.  I guess I have a right to be a fan -- what's wrong with that?!?, and it has nothing to do with not being mature. I am mature! And I don't care about all those silly people, who say the contrary. I used to be a "closet fan", how you nicely named it, but I'm not that one anymore. Just because when you are a "closet fan", you can never enjoy all those wonderful things associated with the term "being a fan". Since this is my life, I wanna enjoy that in extent! I'm not ashamed anymore to say: I'm going to see the Boys in concert here in Prague this summer! I'm really proud of it and I'm looking forward to it sooo much!!! KTBSPA!  Thank you very much.---Hanka

    My name is Natalie and just read your article titled "The Ridicule of  'Boy  Band' Fans...Why?" and I just wanted to say thank you!!  I myself am 18 and I am always made fun of by my friends for being a fan of the Backstreet Boys! I am sick of it, it's not fair. I have to admit that I do like them for their looks as well as their music! Nick is my favorite. I think that they are very talented guys and I believe that they will last a long time!  My mom even has started to like them and can't wait to go to the concert and she's 45!  Thank you again for your letter!!---Natalie

    I saw your post on Caitlin's Backstreet Bulletin and I'd like to commend you on your words of thoughts and feelings :) Seems like a lot of us have a lot to say! *lol* I can totally relate to what you said.  It's like it's supposed to be a cardinal sin to like the Backstreet Boys, and the fact that they have that "teen boy group" status doesn't help much either. But like you said, I'm still gonna continue holding my head and heart up high for the ones that truly inspire me.  Everyone has different likes for different reasons, but we shouldn't be afraid nor ashamed to be Backstreet Fans. :)  God Bless.---Trisha  (read Trisha's post here on this web site about Backstreet Pride)

        I read what you had posted on 'boy band' fans, and I couldn't agree with you more!  I turned 19 about a month ago, and I have been a fan of the Backstreet Boys for about 2 years. And you are so right about the fans who are over the age of 16 taking alot of crap, from mostly guys, about being a fan of the Backstreet Boys. I will chat in a chat room on AOL and guys will come in and say "it is so sad to see a 19 year old boy band fan. You only like what is trendy".   So what, I happen to be a fan of the boy bands, big whoop. It is not like I am sitting here planning my wedding to one of them, or saying how hot one of the members are.   It is not the only thing I listen to. I don't listen to only pop music. But they don't understand how you can like a group like BSB and then also like a group like Nirvana, or Fleetwood Mac, or and artists like Eminem. I guess there is a written rule that I am just not aware of, stating, if you listen to pop music, you can't listen to anything else.  When I was in 4th grade was when NKOTB was popular, and just like you, I would day dream of marrying Joey.  And I also think Nick Carter is precious.  But again, it is not like I am day dreaming about us getting married, (now that would be sad).  Guys won't listen to the Backstreet Boys or *N Sync just due to the fact they are a guy group, and then that might question their masculinity if they listen to them.  But if you play a Backstreet Boy song, or an *N Sync song, that is not released  as a single, most guys are sitting there getting into the music. For example my best friend's boyfriend was listening to the radio and was getting into the Backstreet Boys latest, "I Want It That Way", and he did not know it was the BSB or the radio would have been changed to another station, but he was getting in to the song and then he was asked if he liked it, and said that it was an OK song.  But if people would actually look beyond the fact that these groups are pretty faces, they will see that these groups have such immense talent. Their songs have alot of meaning to them. I think it is time for these people to give Backstreet Boys the respect they deserve.---Becky

    I so agree with your comment on the BSB fans.  I'm 16 and a lot of people think I love BSB b-cuz of their looks.  That's not even the half of it.  I love them b-cuz of their music like you.  The Backstreet Boys being hell gorgeous is just another perk.  I'm not a "closet fan" at all, my whole entire school knows I love the BSB.  I also like your question on older men groveling over sports stuff.  I also don't get why its ok for guys to drool over Britney Spears and we can't like the BSB. Well, I just wanted to thank you for writing your statement cuz a lot of people are ashamed to be a BSB fan cuz some people are so rude and cut them down for it, but they should be proud like you and I cuz the Backstreet Boys are the best. ALWAYS KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!---Suzanne

    I totally agree with what you said about men and their insane obsessions with sports. I myself am 23 and boy do I get looks when I tell people that I adore the Backstreet Boys.  I mean, just yesterday at work this guy was like "I love their music I don't wanna sleep with them!"  I was offended; I said I love them for their music and it just ticked me off that because I am a woman, men and everyone else assume I like them for their appearances. I adore Howie because of the positive influence his music has made in my life and if that is wrong, then heck, I never wanna be right...........well sorry to blab your ear off!  Keep the Backstreet pride alive---Nicole

Hi don't know me but I wanted to tell you something...I am a VERY HUGE fan of the Backstreet Boys...I'm also 19..and I read what you wrote about the double standard we have to go through...I was reading it and the whole time I was like, "Thank God someone else is going through what I'm going through" ..You don't understand how much crap I have to go through DAILY because I am a fan of the most talented and wonderful Backstreet Boys....I go to college, and in my dorm ALL OF THE TIME, someone always has to make fun of them and call me a moron for liking them...I have become so immune to people's ignorant comments that I don't let them bother me...they used to alot...but what you wrote totally inspired me and motivated me to care less about what other people think about them...the Backstreet Boys are the ones that have helped me so much and have cheered me up when I was going through some REALLY HARD times....they were the only ones that made me feel better and helped me get through the days... I had to email you and tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH.... you've led me to realize that there are other people going through what I am going through and being a bsb fan makes me the happiest I've been in years....KTBSPA...always....Mercedes

       Just wanted to say what a fantastic job you did on the article "THE RIDICULE OF 'BOY BAND' FANS...WHY?"   I too am a Backstreet Boys fan and I am also 20 years old and I'm proud to say it! I used to care what other people thought, but that doesn't matter to me any more. I like what I like and if other people can't accept it, then that's their problem. I hope your article makes the same impact on people as it did on me and (as you state) "KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!". Yours sincerely,  Gayle

    I've just read your comments on "The Ridicule of 'Boy Band' Fans".  I totally agree with what you're saying.  I'm glad there is someone out there who feels the same way as me.  Although I don't think I would've been able to write it as well as you did. I myself am 22 years old (turning 23 in Nov.) and I'm a big Backstreet Boys fan.  I love their music and the boys themselves.  I'm around their age group and I don't understand why I should feel ashamed to be a big fan of theirs.  But I do, at least until I read what you said and realized that I shouldn't be embarrassed at all.
    I remember when New Kids on the Block were big about 10 years ago.  I absolutely loved them.  I used to adore Jordan Knight.  I used to dream about marrying him.  But back then it was about their physical appearance, etc.  Their music was good too, but that wasn't the main focus of my attention.  Like you said, it's part of being a young girl.   Everyone tends to think you're a bit weird if you like the Backstreet Boys at my age.  Most people think their fans are teenage girls (11-15).  But when you think about it we are the same age as a couple of the guys, why shouldn't we like their music?  I will admit I have all 3 cd's (I live in Australia, we got 3 albums down here) and  4 videos and I love reading about them in magazines.  I think they are a very talented group who show a maturity beyond their years.  They're  voices are amazing.  And I must admit I have a huge soft spot for Kevin and Brian.
    Like you, being a Backstreet fan makes me happy.  In fact on May 24 (Monday), when Millennium was released down here I couldn't wait to finish work and buy the cd.  Some of their songs are very inspiring and some are very touching.  And I love Millennium.
    Thanks to your comments I will no longer be ashamed, after all its a part of me.  I shouldn't have to justify to people why I like them.  They just have to accept it.  Thanks for reading all this, and thank you for sharing your opinion.  Trust that I will always keep the Backstreet pride alive!---Clare

    I just read your article that you wrote about older fans being ridiculed for being fans and I totally agree with you.  I'm only 17, and I do have quite a few posters of BSB around my room, but I truly do love the music the Backstreet Boys make.  People at school make fun of me and my friends because we like them so much, but we don't care anymore.  We love their music and of course we think that they are really good looking, but you're right about all the ridicule fans like us receive.  People call us "teenyboppers" and that kind of bothers me because I will be 18 soon, but I love the Backstreet Boys' music and always will no matter how old I get.  The Backstreet Boys make excellent music and nobody should be embarrassed for liking such wonderful music.  I just wanted
to tell you that I think you're right and that there are many other fans out there like you.

        I was so happy when I read your article and decided to write and thank you. People think I'm a BSB fan because they're cute, however, it's mostly because I love their music. People have trouble understanding that. I know plenty of in the closet BSB fans, however, I talk openly about it (I'm sure you know ho how cruel teenagers can be) and am not ashamed of who I am.  That's one thing BSB has taught me-to be myself and not be ashamed-and I'm grateful for their presence in the music industry and your open support of BSB.---Ivy

        I just wanted to let you know that the article you wrote [ The Ridicule of "Boy Band" Fans...Why?], hit the nail right on the head. I am 18 years old and a lot of times, I feel like I have to explain and defend myself for being a Backstreet Boys' fan. I just thought that your article was very well written, and holds true in many cases. Good Job!---Tracy

    I loved your editorial about fans getting grief about liking the BSBs, and other "boy bands".. "especially the older ones". I can completely relate because I am 34 (not even in my 20s) and I love their music!   I am so in awe of their talents and so touched by the message in their songs.   The only thing that I would add to your editorial is that very often some of the grief about liking the BSBs comes from actual BSB fans themselves!     Check out this quote from another editorial published in Backstreet.Net.   The editorial is listed under EVENTS and is titled "'s Backstreet Weekend".. she says:  "If you were there, please don't take this personally, but the people in there were only looking for dates, most of them were twenty or older.  That's fine to like the BSB when you're that old, but shouldn't you give the screaming 13 year olds out on the streets in BSB shirts a chance first?"   Can't tell you how it hurt my feelings to think that I may not have the same rights to "like" the BSBs because I am older than 13!   It was especially nice to see your article because it made me feel better, just a little.  Thanks again!---Regina, Proud Fan of the BSBs!!

I'd just like to agree with the article you had posted "The Ridicule of 'Boy Band' Fans...WHY?". That was very incitful and true. We need more fans out there who aren't afraid to say that too! Thanks! Bye~Lisa

That's what I'm saying! Everyone in my English class is always making remarks about my BSB obsession. So, today this boy announces to the class that after less than a week that he has already seen the Star Wars movie 23 times. They were all like "Oh, that's so cool!" I was like, why is he so cool but I'm a freak? -Jade

    Well said! Another thing people always say.....Whenever I mention to the guys that I work with ( I work at a hardware store) that I love the BSB and 98*, they always say "They're all gay!". Why do guys say that anyone in a guy group, or anyone who's any kind of teen idol, or has ever appeared in Bop! ( like Ricky Martin) must be gay? I came to the conclusion that they were just jealous because they don't have millions of girls who want them. I asked some of the guys why they always say that and other than "just cause they are" answers, the only one that makes any sense at all are " Any guy who can sing higher than a girl has to be gay" and "Haha, BackDOOR boys". It just doesn't make sense to me I guess. I'm gonna stick to the jealousy explanation I think..:)

    I just read your article about the ridicule of boy band fans.  I am going to be 20 next month and I have been a devoted fan of BSB for two years now.  And I get teased, ridiculed, put down, picked on and generally elbowed by ALL of my friends and my I-like-alternative-only brother for liking the BSB.  So believe me when I say that I was in total aggreement with your article and that I am so glad that other people out there are fighting to keep The Pride Alive, 'cause I have been fighting for ages.  Good to know I am not the only one--if enough of the older fans take a stand, maybe something will come of it!  And it helps that Millennium is out now and I have a whole heap of new songs for inspiration.  Also, I totally agree with you on the 35 year old men and their sports obsessions, that's okay for them, liking BSB isn't okay for us.  Double standards! Thanks for your article.  It brightened up my morning.---Christine

    I just read what your wrote about being a BSB fan, and I just wanted to write to you and say thanks for saying what you did, being 19 I know exactly what it feels like to be an older BSB fan so I was so happy to read your article.  You did a great job in putting that point of view across, and letting people know that all of us aren't screaming 12 year olds with hopes of marrying one of the Boys because they are so "hot".  People need to realize that for many of us it is about the music.  Well, I just wanted to tell you that your article was appreciated!  Wish all those skeptics out there could read it!---Willow

    THAT'S RIGHT!!  Well said in that little letter you posted.  I totally agree with you on what you said.  I could definitely relate a bit to you cause I am also a fan who is over the age of 16 (I'm 18) and here comes the big shocker!!>>>>> I'm a guy. Yup a male BSB fan. Believe me, no one gets weirder looks for being a BSB fan than me (and other male fans).  I could care less what they look like.. they could all be ugly monkey looking things... but I simply just like their music.  I am a pop loving fool.. lol.. I went through my alternative stage and life sucks stage and now that I'm out of it, I like to listen to happy music. And their music gets me in a good mood.  So I understand you and we shouldn't be ashamed in liking the BSB's music!  Bye!

    My name is Sarah K. and I am 17 years old.  I just read your article and I applaud you for your article on this subject. I think that all this ridicule about the so-called "teeny-boppers" is just pathetic.  I listen to their music for their lyrics and melodies. And it is not just 4-14 year olds who like them.  My parents have also begun to enjoy their lyrics.  Just this weekend, my dad commented how he liked the song "Show Me the Meaning Of Being Lonely."  I have loved the music of the backstreet Boys since I was 13.  I really only began to notice their "looks" when I turned 16, but that is not the reason why I love their music so much.  I really appreciate the article that you wrote to give a message to the public that it is OK for us to love music and to connect to it.  I agree that it is not fair for us to be subjected to this ridicule from other people.  As you mentioned, people who spend $50 on tickets for sporting events are not ridiculed while we are. I thank you again for such a great article.---Sarah K.

    Thank you for the article you wrote about 'boy band' fans.  I'm 25 and I constantly get hassles from family and friends for being a fan of the Backstreet Boys.  My worst jibes come from the fact that I too think Nick is "precious" *L* and that makes him 6 years younger than me, something my friends love to tease me about, even my other BSB loving friends. Glad to know that someone has the same thing as me...  thanks for raising the awareness.---Marianne

I myself am 19 and I get so much crap from people that say, "I like their music but I don't like them."  Isn't that what it's all about?  I started being a fan of the Backstreet Boys when I first heard "Quit Playin Games" when I was in the Philippines on vacation in 1996 and since then I have been totally a fan of their music.  Them being cute is just a plus.  Isn't it funny how we're actually old enough to go out with one of them when I used to daydream about Jordan Knight?  Thanks for the great perspective.---Iris

    Hi Amanda!  My name is Annie and I just read your article on 'boy band' fans and I must say I am so happy someone has brought up this topic.  I am also a 19 year old female and I really like the Backstreet Boys.  I especially love "Millennium" because of the music and material on it.  It also feels strange when you go to buy the album and the salesclerk looks at you strangely and I think to myself, "why do they look at you like that?!" I mean it's ridiculous.  I'm strongly considering going to the concert since I've never been to one before.  Oh, and by the way I'm from Canada and the band is huge here.  I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone and I hope more people in our age group won't be afraid or ashamed to express what artists or kind of music they like.  I also must admit that Nick and Brian are kind of precious.  Thanks for your article, Amanda!---Annie

    Hi..I read what you had to say about Backstreet Boys fans being given the double standard just for being BSB fans....and I totally agree with you...for the longest time I didn't understand why just cuz someone likes BSB that that gave someone else the right to ridicule their interests...and just like you I refuse to be a 'closet fan', as you put it, just so I won't be judged or made fun of...if you like the band you shouldn't deny it just cuz someone else has different views and takes their frustrations out on actually I guess this is a thank you for actually saying that...cuz I think many BSB fans needed to hear that so they would no longer hide their appreciation for the thanx---Meg

    Hi, I read what you wrote about being a BSB fan and I think you are right.  I'm only 15 and I know your 20 and there is nothing wrong with being a Big BSB fan at 20 years old. But what you said about the BSB's making us happy is so true, and I'm glad you wrote that! And even though alot of people don't believe me, I'll tell ya that when I first became a Backstreet Boys fan in 1996, I didn't even know what they looked like, I just knew the song "Quit Playin Games" and I loved it and when they continued to make great music I became an even bigger fan, and yes I do think they are all so gorgeous and I love them, but their music is what it's all about. I just wanted to tell you that what you wrote was really cool and true! KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!!---Crystal


    I liked your article on  I am also an older fan (34) of BSB and I like them mostly for their music.  I also get blank looks when I tell people I like them.  I went to their concert with my niece (she is 14).   I don't know who wanted to go more, me or my niece.  My sister also likes them and she is older than me.  I actually don't care what people think but I know there are a lot more of us older fans out there! KTBSPA!---Lisa

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