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Stuff the fans need NOT to do at a BSB concert... (These are things that the girls DID at the concert on Sept 17, 1999, in Charlotte, NC)
  • Yell at the lighting technician...oohhh, he SO looks like AJ, doesn't he?
  • Yell at the smoke machines...two hours before the show starts...ahhh, smoke!!
  • Yell at the dudes in yellow jumpsuits with SERCURITY stamped on the back...even if you can't read, yellow is a dead giveaway that it is NOT the BSB...they seem to have a thing for PINK now, remember?
  • Heck, just don't YELL at all. Then maybe WE CAN HEAR THE BOYS SING...besides, it's futile with me (Amanda) there. I can out-do any of ya'll.
  • Give the older female fans dirty looks---we, Amanda and Angela, got quite a few of them, and we can't figure out why. We have just as much right to be fans as the younger ones.
  • Make a sign bigger than you are...then, if the Boys looked at it, they wouldn't even see YOU...pointless, huh?
  • Beg security to let you backstage...they are then in a pissy mood for the rest of the night...and they were rude to us when we just asked where the BATHROOM was. (They were cool once they realized that we weren't going to annoy them with 'pleaaaaassssee, let me backstage', however)
  • Naw on your fingers in anticipation...I swear, I didn't think that girl was going to have a HAND left by the time the concert actually started!


    Stuff the Boys need not to do during a concert.
    (but, they still did)

  • Hang upside down from the ladder...KEVIN...hahaha, he RIPPED the butt of his pants! Maybe that'll teach him a lesson.  Of course, he states that they just, ya know, fell apart.  Well, we beg ta differ, dude.  lol
  • Do more than ten 'kip-ups'...NICK...geez, I didn't know if he was fainting or just tripping over his feet.
  • Steal away the attention when the band is being introduced...AJ...can't stand not having attention, can ya babe? Well, it hurts us too...I was looking at you anyway.
  • Practice your Kung-Fu...NICK...whoa, he's a lethal weapon! lol
  • Keep your shirt on...BRIAN...well, we got the overshirt off. Now, how about the rest? :)
  • Tell the little screaming kids you can't hear them...they then scream louder, and I can't hear YOU!