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Okay, while reading through the liner notes of the MILLENNIUM album, I got a "HUH?" look on my face when I got to Nick's number stuff.  A pager wouldn't even hold all that!  Geez!  But, being the type of person who HATES secrets, and LOVES figuring stuff out, I grabbed a notebook, my telephone, and went to chipping away at the "code".  I finally figured it all out.  He had me stumped on the last one for a while, but I GOT IT!   Can ya'll break his code?----MANDA


"Live life to the fullest for the future is scarce."
Whoa, Nick's getting philosophical on us!  {or, the last word could be sacred spelled wrong: SACRAD...hey, we're talking about NICK!  ANYTHING is possible with this guy  ;) }

*I received an email from someone saying that I was wrong, and that somewhere in this jumble of numbers, was Nick's cell phone number...yeah, uh, huh!  And the sun rises in the west!  If any of you actually want to try all these numbers to get in touch with Nick, more power to ya, I won't try to stop you....but, think for a second,  is it JUST a coincidence that I COULD get a phrase out of this...Nick must've demanded the phone company to make his cell phone number SPELL OUT something...breathe in.....1, 2, 3, 4, 5....breathe OUT.....all right, I've vented on the subject...