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Everyone's a critic...
(our observations and reflections on Millennium stuff)

Disclaimer: This stuff is just an OPINION, people.  Don't get mad at us if you disagree with something stated on this page, ok?  But, it's all good, basically!  :-) Thanks!



Man!  Who in the world gave Nick permission to be THAT FINE?!  Geez!  I want HIM that way!  hahaha

Kevy can sing! You can tell that HE'S happy with it!

Nick's on smile overload throughout this video...but I'm not complaining.

When they are walking through the gates at the beginning they are thinking "Yeah, we ARE the STUFF baby!"  Look at their bad @ss expressions... Conceited much hon?  Well, they ARE the stuff, so we'll forgive them.

The first verse, when Brian's singing, Nick looks like he wants to bust out laughing.  (Ya'll noticing who I was watching! )

During first verse, when it cuts back to them walking, WHAT THE HECK is Howie kicking?!

The airplane--->The first time it's on-screen, no name is on it, then during crowd scene, AHHH, where did that come from?  I guess they decided they wanted it that way! (pun intended)

One of those girls looks like she's having a seizure. (They show it twice.  Long brown hair that's straight)  Either that, or she's head-bangin'.

OK, during Howie's solo, when it cuts to the group in white, is it just me, or are there TWO Nick's behind him?!  Just wishful thinking?

The guys are constantly pointing at the camera...(who, ME?!)

AJ has decided to show us his eyes!  Regular glasses instead of sunglasses.  Great eyes babe!

Those BLACK belts with WHITE shirts and pants??  What tha...

During 'white' scene when Brian says "I never want to hear you say", Nick is confused, 'cause he's singing it too.

During crowd scene, Nick leans on AJ, and points at him, then looks at the camera, "Hey ya'll THIS is AJ!"  In case we were confused...

My last observation:  THIS VIDEO KICKS BUTT!!  Yeah baby, Backstreet's Back.

Critique by Amanda

Like the rest of ya'll, Millennium has been playing NON-STOP at my house. And with good reason. This has got to be the best album that has ever been released! This will definitely take them out of the category of "one hit wonders" and "boy bands". That's good, because I'm tired of getting funny looks when I say that I'm a 20 year old BSB fan.  Alright, let's get to it!

Larger Than Life:
Awwwww, a song for US, the crazy, freaky, obsessive lunatics who were at the music store at 11:50 pm on May 17 to get the new album (personally, I was asleep)!  Now, that's loyalty to the
fans baby. To sing a song just for us! They love us, they really love us! (Hey, I'M happy!) The up-tempo, the wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow...sounds really cool, and everyone's voices sound great.  But, what else is new?

I Want It That Way:
Kinda confusing: First they love it when they here us say "I Want It That Way", then they 180 on us and decide they don't like it....ummm, O-K. But, hey, the vocals are great, and you can't help but sing along to it. Way to go Flickys!

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely:
KLEENEX people. This song is SO touching, especially taking in the fact that it was written by Denniz PoP. It's kinda like it's HIS message to everyone that he misses them, but life goes on....all together now...AWWWWWW!!!

It's Gotta Be You:
What's with the opening? It sounds cool, (because NICK is singing it (: ) but I'm picturing an English teacher with a red pen...anyone able to get a sentence out of it? Let me know. I think that BSB are trying to establish their own language. But this song is really awesome, and you can't HELP but sing along and dance around (not advisable if you're driving, TRUST ME!). I'm thinking, great crusin' around, scoping guys song. "Hey YOU in the red's gotta be you! Uh huh, Uh huh." Okay, THAT'S out of my system. Next...

I Need You Tonight:
Oh, YEAH! THAT'S my boy. I promise ya'll, Nick is going to cause someone to have a HEART ATTACK if he isn't careful! And props to Andrew Fromm for writing the lyrics. They are so pretty. But I am wondering why they took out "I see heaven in your eyes"...oh, well, it's still AWESOME!

Don't Want You Back:
OK, the first line is kinda cheesy, but I like the cool BOOM, BOOM, BOOM in the music. Why does Nick always sing the "sexual" parts in songs? Just wondering... I'm thinking of a few people I could play this song for...two thumbs up!

Don't Wanna Lose You Now:
"I never thought that I would lose my mind"...ok, they're asking for it there! But this song is SO pretty, and it can bring tears to my eyes. (And I DON'T cry easily) This is one of the best ballads by them ever! Five stars.

The One:
This song is going to be HUGE! Everything about it is PERFECT. It's touching, yet up-beat, and optimistic in feeling. GO BOYS!

Back To Your Heart:
Ok, these guys REALLY want me to cry, don't they? AWESOME job Kevy. The piano is beautiful, the lyrics heartfelt, and the vocals beyond supreme. I promise, they're trying to KILL me with the
sweetness! Now, if I could just get one of them to sing it to ME...hehehe.

Spanish Eyes:
I think that this song is about two people of different races being in love, and having to overcome the obstacles of racism. It is a song about TRUE, unconditional, deep from the heart LOVE. Awwww. But that's just MY interpretation...Andrew, if you don't STOP, you are going to be considered an accomplice to making hearts go weak.  (Have ya'll SEEN this guy?  Goodness, gracious, someone get me an oxygen tank!  If you haven't seen him {you POOR thing}, a link to his web site is on the credits page.  Check him out!)

No One Else Comes Close:
All right BOYS! Will your stop with the perfection already? My heart can't take much more. This song is unbelievable. Listen to the Boys sweet voices....stay out of the rain guys, 'cause sugar melts!

The Perfect Fan:
A perfect song written by the perfect guy. It is so sweet that they hold their mothers so dear to their hearts. And the choir singing is the crowning touch. Is it just me, or do ya'll think that Brian is really an angel in disguise?

Well, that wraps up the Millennium album...can't wait for the next one.

"LARGER THAN LIFE" video critique by Amanda

Ok, it starts off with a shot of a space ship zooming through the stars at the beginning of the year 3000 AC??! AC? Uh, don't ya mean AD? Anyway, was anyone else waiting to hear..."the force is with you?"

As far as I can figure out, the concept behind this is like, you know how they say that once a signal is sent, it will keep on traveling through outer space? Well, I am guessing that the signal from radio stations was traveling through space, and finally met up with some aliens or something...also, I think that maybe the Boys were like frozen, ya know, to preserve them, since they are THAT awesome, and then 'reawakened' or something...I dunno.

 Ok, how come Brian got to be two characters in this video? He is the little robot dude at the beginning, then he is a Micheal J. Fox (Back to the Future) clone...where is the fair in that?!

 They made Kevin sit down...maybe 'cause he's an old man? I was thinking, what is that thing, a loaded wheelchair? lmao

 Nick, baby, baby, BAY-BE!!! He has been working out! WOW! I think that his character was inspired by a video game or something...ya THINK?! He also needed a recharge midway through...hon, I'll charge your battery anytime! lol :)

 Howie, ok, I don't know what he was...reminded me of the character for 'Michelin' tires...only in yellow.

 A.J., two hands ain't enough for you? Well, golly, let's just give him more than a freaking octopus. But, it was still cool. I loved the close-up on him when he did his scream, although it did kinda scare me.

 The dance totally kicked @ss! But I was having trouble finding blondie in the crowd there. Anyone else think it was kinda cluttered?

 Ok, ya'll notice that in both Joseph Kahn videos (Backstreet's Back and Larger Than Life) the Boys have really pushed the envelope, and eluded the 'boy band' status?! They have also been 'characters' in both. They need to let Mr. Kahn direct more. He and Nigel Dick should get together...that would be awesome.

 My conclusion...the Boys grew up....BIG time. And they are better than ever.

'Into the Millennium' concert in Charlotte, North Carolina

Hey ya'll. Well, last night, it happened. I finally saw the Backstreet Boys live in concert! It was so awesome. They sounded so great and everyone looked FAB! Here's some of the highlights:

Kevin's pants ripped in the rear, and he was right in front of our section. We could see his underwear! Boxer-briefs! Then, right after that, they did the 'Perfect Fan'. He turned his back to the audience to sing to the mom and daughter, and was totally SHINING everyone...then, looks over his shoulder and gets an expression like, "Oh yeah, I have a HOLE in my butt!" Then he turned around and sat on his rear. LMAO! Nick kept on doing those 'kip up' things, ya know, where you lay on the floor on your back, and push yourself up using just your feet? AJ, when they were introducing the band, got up on the elevated platform in the middle of the stage, and was just shaking his little butt. Howie stayed pretty tame throughout the show. Brian was just cute in that everytime someone would yell his name or yell when he started singing, he would give the cheesiest little grin...awww!!! And he FINALLY took his overshirt off! Whoo-hoo!

 Oh, if you don't have floor level seats, don't worry. This set-up is so good. There is not a bad seat anywhere. We were in upper level, row I, and we could see everything. I actually think that upper level is better, b/c at floor level you can only see a couple of them at a time, and w/ upper, you can see them all.

LET ME TELL YOU HOW CLOSE WE THINK WE CAME TO MEETING THEM! This is just an assumption, of course, but what would YOU have thought?

We were the absolute last people to leave. We had been talking to these other girls, and laughing and cracking jokes about stuff the Boys had done and everything...well, when they left, at around 12:00, after all the traffic was gone, we decided, ok, time for us to leave too. We were the only people left there. Even the ushers had gone home. We drove around to the front of the Coliseum, and were just, you know, looking one last time. Well, some security people were still there, sitting on the steps. Anyway, the minute that we pull out of the Coliseum, and get to that first red light, we pass a limo going back to the HAD to be for them (BSB), don't you think?. They must have waited until absolutely everyone was gone, or maybe they were about to come out anyway...ARRGGH!!! We were tempted to turn around and go back, but, we were really tired at that point, and we didn't. Now, after resting up, we are really KICKING ourselves in the butt. Oh, well, this was both mine and Angela's first BSB concert, and if we came that close the first time...well, there is always next time. Anyway, just wanted to tell ya'll about our experience with the show. Have fun when you is AWESOME!

God bless, Manda

Show Me The Meaning (Of Being Lonely)

Ok, in no way, shape, or form will any humor derive from this video...mainly because our eyes were so filled with tears, and because you NEVER make fun of death.

The setting itself is very somber.  The use of the black-and-white and the rain, but with a touch of light color here and there.  Of course, everyone can pick up the different story lines, but, let us just give our ideas on them:

Brian: This obviously stems from his heart surgery, and the fears that he probably had.  It literally broke OUR hearts when the doctor removed the oxygen mask, and we see that the man in the hospital bed IS Brian.  His part reminds us of City Of know, where the elderly man, whom Meg Ryan's character has performed HEART surgery on, is with Nicholas Cage's character, looking in on himself as they try to revive him?  Perhaps that was the inspiration for Brian's part.

Kevin:  We believe that the home video that he was watching was of his dad.  Bless his sweet heart.  That is when the tears REALLY started rolling.

Nick: We aren't too sure what his part was about.  If you pay attention, when Kevin is coming out of the elevator, that girl is arguing with some guy...then, she has a suitcase and is walking in front of Nick and it looks as if he is pulling her back just as she is about to step out in front of the bus and be hit.  It ties in with...

AJ:  The same girl played in his part...perhaps it was in memory of his girlfriend that he lost due to a car accident?  And did you notice that when he is getting off of the bus, the sign on the top (where they put the streets the bus stops at) says Denniz St.?

Howie: More than likely, his part is in memory of his sister.  Again, we aren't too sure about that one, but, we are 99% sure that it is somewhere in there.

Group ending:  It seems to us that the ending is about being able to pull through any hardship with the help of one's friends.  If you notice, they all come together in the street (the STREET?  Back-street..okkkk)  in the rain...then they walk into the light, with bright color.  And the ending reminds us of a sort of know, a new beginning.

All in all, this music video is, in our opinion, just another piece of evidence that the Backstreet Boys are in fact SERIOUS musicians.  They have certainly changed and matured from "We've Got It Goin' On".  Perhaps those who label them as a "teenbopper" group will view this work of art and open their eyes to see past the stereotypes that have been set of these guys.  We know that our admiration has only grown.  Good, no AWESOME, work BSB!