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Name: Amanda Kaye

Birth date: July 30, 1979

Nicknames:  Manda, Amana, Deeda, Manders, Amanduh, Hey You, "K", Mandas

Peeves: When someone trys to make me feel weird about liking the Backstreet Boys so much.  I mean, geez, what did Backstreet ever do to these people?!  Also, I hate the word normal.  Normal doesn't exist.  Normal is based on what the majority of people do and think, and I don't want to be like everyone else.  So, I hate it when people copy me.  You know the butterfly clip trend?  Well, I started wearing those things months before anyone else to be different....*sigh*  That was a waste of time, huh?  lol

People tell me that I'm:  perky, hyper, nice, sarcastic, funny, loud, considerate, lazy, forgetful, dramatic, cute


Color: blue and silver

Movie:Gone With The Wind, Titanic, Ever After, and any scary movies

Quote: "Don't you ever say never to me." ---Ruth/Evelyn, Fried Green Tomatoes

TV Show: Passions, I Love Lucy, Unsolved Mysteries

Things to do: do missionary work, go to BSB concerts, watch tv, go to movies, act, write, work on this web site, listen to music, play with my dog, swim, rollerblade, read,  shop at the "big" mall, take pictures, play around with my graphics programs, sleep

On the BSB's: (I didn't mean it like THAT! lol)

Favorite BSB: AJ

Favorite song from Debut: As Long As You Love Me

Favorite song from Millennium: The One, It's Gotta Be You

Favorite song from Black & Blue: Not For Me, Everyone

Favorite Debut video:  As Long As You Love Me

Favorite Millennium video: Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely

Favorite Black & Blue video:  Shape of My Heart

Favorite B-side:  I'll Be There For You

Debut Album, Millennium, or Black & Blue: Millennium

Ever been to a concert: Charlotte, NC. Sept 17, 1999; Charlotte, NC Jan 26, 2001

Ever met them: Nope, but I came THISCLOSE.  And Brian looked right at me in 2001

Favorite quote from a BSB: "Cause we're BACK and we're STREET and we're the BOYS!"  (thanks for the clarification there..dork [I mean that in a NICE way!])

Which BSB are you most like:  Probably Brian, 'cause he seems to be a pretty strong Christian, and he and I are both really crazy and silly. And, like him, if I have attention, I am always smiling.

Biggest BSB confusion: I Want It That Way....I HAVE to meet them, just so I can ask, "WHAT freaking way DO you WANT it?"

Song title that is just too damn long: If You Want It To Be Good Girl, Get Yourself A Bad Boy

My BSB buddy:

Well, Angela is probably about the sweetest person that I have ever known.  She sees the good side of everything, and helps me decide what to do when I have a problem.  She is one of the few people that I know I can COMPLETELY trust.  We have had some interesting times together (Charleston--ahhh...a BRIDGE) and we are both so crazy, like jumping up and down in the middle of the Ticketmaster yelling "We got tickets, we got tickets!" LMAO.  And @ work, where we met (gotta have the CUTE LITTLE OUTFITS! LM**AO) Also, my dad says that whenever Ange and I are conversing, not only can people not get a word in edge-wise, they can't understand our gibberish anyway!  LMAO  Anyway, I don't think that I could ever have asked for a better friend. Luz ya FLICKY!

Special shout-out to Stace, Amy and Trisha:

Stace: You are soooo funny, and very nice, too!  I very much enjoy talking to ya, and I am so glad that we all got to meet via WWW, and have struck up a great friendship.  Let's NEVER lose that, ok?  :-)  I still think that if you and I were the same age, we could be twins!  We even have the same taste in men!  *L*  Can you imagine the craziness if ever Ange, me, and youl were to meet?  We wouldn't cause too much chaos! lol

Amy:  Ahhh, a loyal web site viewer.  Take note people!  lol  Thanks so much for helping to inspire me when I get stumped on the humor.  You are such a fun and friendly person, and I thank you for all of your awesome feedback on this web site.  I'm also thankful that our correspondence has developed into something more than just two crazy girls who love the Backstreet Boys.  We are developing a cool friendship, and I'm thankful to God for that.  Keep smiling girl!

Trisha:  You and I sure do think a lot alike.  It was that that brought us a great correspondence that has developed into a cool friendship. (Just remember to press the SEND button, ok? *L*)  We sure do have some deep thoughts on stuff, huh?  And I am very glad that we have the chance to share them via WWW.  Well, anyway, thanks for keeping in touch with hyper girl from the US.  :-)  Keep writing me!  :-)  I enjoy your perspective on things, and your friendship most of all.

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