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Advice for Life---Because, whether you are a superstar, a popular, outgoing person, an average person, or a shy, reserved person, everyone wants to be happy.

Things to remember...

Trust in God...He knows what He is doing.
Always have hope.
Ask for forgiveness...but only when you are truly sorry.
Keep your promises.
Don't hold back your tears.
Hug your mom and dad every chance that you'll miss them when they are gone.
Keep pictures of your friends up in your helps fight loneliness.
Believe in are one.  Therefore, believe in yourself.
If you see a mouse in your room, check your shoes before putting them on...he may have a friend!
Choose your words carefully. The sticks and stones rule is not true.
Write thank-you notes.
Try to see the positive side of every person and every situation.
At least once a week, watch a cartoon.
Take care of your body, but not out of vanity.
Count your blessings.
Don't say anything that you don't TRULY mean.
Don't string people along...that is just cruel.
When you listen, be empathetic.
Take compliments graciously.  Give them freely.
Don't be afraid to ask questions.
Try not to mistake infatuation for's very easy to me.
Look a homeless person in the eye...he/she is a human too.
Don't taunt a dog on a chain...the chain could snap. (then you better RUN!)
Use your ImAgInAtIoN.
Have patience when asking God for something.  His timing is always perfect and always worth the wait.
Work hard in everything that you do.
Be courteous and return phone calls, emails and letters.  A few seconds of your time can make someone else's whole day much brighter. :)