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What's my age again?
(Ange REALLY needs to stop eatin' Mexican before bedtime...)

       I think that it was because I was thinking about my temp job that I do every year, and that I was listening to the BSB when I went to sleep. Whatever the reason I had the FUNNIEST DREAM! Well I thought it was funny anyway. *Nothing in this story is real or actually happened. This is all a figment of my imagination. I do not know the BSB and am in no way associated with them* OK. There is the disclaimer…on with the story!

        I am standing at the counter serving beer like I do. I was a little busy and then it died down. This tall blond guy walks up to the counter and orders a beer. I look at him and tell him that I need to see some ID because he does NOT look 21. He gives me a dazzling smile and tells me that his name is Nick. I reply, "and I'm Ange", but unfortunately your name is not ID. If it were then you could get a beer as it is… He looks a little stunned but tells me again that his name is Nick, Nick Carter. I smile again and tell him that his full name is still not ID. But I know that he is Nick Carter and I know that he is only 20 and can not buy beer. He drops the smile and gives me a bewildered look while he tells me that he is Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. Manda has noticed by this time that he is giving me a little bit of trouble so she yells over,"what is the problem?" I tell her the whole story and she laughs and asks if he is a complete moron or something because he doesn't understand that he can't have a beer. The rest of the BSB come marching in because apparently Nick told them he would only be a minute. They see him standing there with a confused look on his face because we have been talking about him like he isn't even there and not in the glowing terms that he is used to. Brian asks Nick if there is a problem and Nick tells him the whole story. Brian then focuses his attention on me and asks why can't Nick have a beer. I reply that he is too young and it is against the law. Sorry. Brian then asks if he can have a beer.  I tell him no and watch his face as his brain registers what just happened. He asks what do I mean he can't have a beer because I know that he is over 21. I smile and tell him that even though he is over 21 I know that he does not drink beer and will just give it to Nick and that is against the law also. Brian then starts to mutter, " But I am a Backstreet boy"… So what happened next? I woke up LMAO! When I told Manda then next day she also LHAO! So in conclusion we both LOAO and we hope that you do the same. Happy Laughing!