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Oh wow! These are soooo cool! WHAT-EVER!

 Ok, while surfing the 'Net, we came across the "Official Nick Carter Web Site" made by none other than Nick himself...oooookkkk! As well as a web site made by "B.J." and of course, one by "Jane". Breathe in, breathe out.

I hope that the person who made these doesn't think that we are actually STUPID enough to believe that Nick Carter, Backstreet Boy, his mom, and his sister actually made these pieces of crap? First off, the format on each page is exactly the SAME. The "family" must have a problem with the return key on the keyboard, because, on each page, the sentences just go*on*with*absolutely*no*space*between*them*and*my*eyes*got*STRAIN*from*reading*them.

And, "they" (these were all made by the same person, trust me) seem to feel the need to put cheezy captions under all the freaking pictures. On "Jane's" page...'Here's a picture of me and Aaron with tired faces'...well, gee, thanks for clearing that up. (Oh, btw, the "real" Jane Carter wrote a, she would know better than to use the bad grammar of 'me and Aaron''s 'Aaron and I' you FREAK-@ss poser!)

 "B.J." feels it necessary to tell us...'Here's a black and white picture of me. Wow!" That's right folks, "she" says WOW about herself! WTF? And, another dead giveaway? "B.J.'s" URL is And "Jane's" URL is Looks to me like the loser who is making these FAKE-@SS pages got confused, don't you think?

 Ok, saved the BEST for last. "Nick" actually puts pictures of his 'girlfriend' on his website?! And in the caption for each picture, he HAS to put in there that her name is indeed Mandy? Here's some of the captions: "Here's a really good picture of my girlfriend Mandy. Here's a picture of my girlfriend Mandy. Here's a picture of me and my girlfriend Mandy. Here's a picture of my brother, sisters, and my girl Mandy." (No, I HIGHLY doubt that this girl is actually "Mandy". In a couple of the pictures, she looks just like B.J. to me.)

I HIGHLY doubt that the REAL Nick Carter would EVER put pictures of any girl that he was dating on a web site. That is like just saying, "Here, obsessed little girls who think they are going to marry me...this is what my girlfriend looks, you won't have any problem finding her and making her life a living HELL!" Oh, and it's pretty sad that practically all of his 'girlfriend' pictures have "SCANNED BY (BLAH BLAH)" stamped across them. Gee, he doesn't have any pictures of his OWN of his 'girlfriend'? Now, THAT is ya'll get the point here? These web sites are FFFFAAAAAKKKKKKKEEEEE! FAKE FAKE FAKE! If you want a good laugh then go and see them for yourself. THE WEB SITES OF A FREAK-@SS POSER WITH NO LIFE Ok, next subject...