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Disclaimer: We are not the Backstreet Boys, nor are we affiliated with them in any way.  All of the contents of this web site are original thoughts and ideas by the web masters and are not to be reproduced in any manner, ie. sending via email, instant messages, guest book entries, snail mail, or posting on another web site.  If you want to tell someone about our site, then use the referral system at the bottom of the index page, and they can come and see for themselves. (Thank you in advance)  If you send us information, ideas, pictures, etc., you are consenting to the use of said information within this web site, unless you CLEARLY indicate otherwise.

And before you ask...yeah, we like *N SYNC...WHAT??!!  STOP THROWING STUFF AT US!!  *Manda whispers to Ange* "Maybe we shoulda kept that a secret!"  *Ange responds, picking old lettuce out of her hair* Ya THINK?!

Entire Web Site (C) 1999, 2000 BSB: No One Else Comes Close (to making us laugh so hard)

Before ya enter, have ya got...

  • milk?
  • a spaceship?
  • a pug/chihuahua?
  • at least one blonde?
  • cheese?
  • a comb?
  • something leopard printed?
  • butterfly clips?
  • hair dye?
  • Nick Carter's Guide To 'Ebonics'? ***
  • Netscape 4+ or MS Explorer 5? (Best viewed with MS)
  • and most importantly, a sense of humor?
Then you're good to go!  Have fun!  We sure did!


***There is no such book called "Nick Carter's Guide To Ebonics" least not that we know