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The Backstreet Boys, in our opinion, are just about the best music group to come along in quite a while.  Their sound is something very unique and fresh.  They weave together many different kinds of music, in such a way that it is unforgettable, and very entertaining. Each BSB has a unique and incomparably beautiful voice, and when they all come together....goodness gracious!  It's enough to send shivers down one's spine!  We have been fans of theirs since the first time we heard one of their songs.  We really enjoy their music, and we thank them for using their  talent to entertain us.

When you think of the Backstreet Boys, you have to  admit that the awesome music behind the awesome voices is, well, AWESOME!!!  The Backstreet Band, like the "Boys", is compiled of several VERY talented musicians who are really great at adding to the Backstreet Boys awesome songs (Because, let's face it. No matter how great someone sings, after a while, acapella {BAD spelling} would get BORING!)
The Band is made up of:

Bubba Bryant--Drummer and Musical Director
Tommy  Smith--Keyboards
Dennis Gallo--Keyboards and Acoustic Guitar
Guy Walker--Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Louie Vigilante--Bass and Synth Bass
 Mindi Abair--Sax and Percussion
Next time you listen to "Get Down", "All I Have To Give", "I Want It That Way", or any other Backstreet song, remember that this group of talented musicians helps add to the greatness of the song.

Go to the Official Band Web Site to learn more about the Backstreet Band.  It's a really great site, made by Tommy Smith, the keyboardist. These guys (and girl!) deserve some credit for the awesome job they do with the music!