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Black & Blue
in Charlotte NC

Manda's Story
Well, we trucked it up to Charlotte, NC last night for our second Backstreet Boys concert experience.  I went there not expecting too much...I didn't see how they could possibly top the Millennium tour.  Well, I was proved wrong.  Our Boys NEVER cease to amaze me.

First off, we had GREAT seats.  We were on the FLOOR in the 16th row.  Let me tell you guys, WE had the best seats.  Forget first row...because the guys performed on two stages.  There was one stage set up in the front, and then behind the floor seats, there was a small round stage.  The guys went on both.  The best moment for me personally was when they walked across a catwalk that went through the center of the floor seats.  When that happened, I was only about five feet away from the Boys who will always be untouchable to me.

I was explaining to my mom how I was's like this:  I have, over the past four years, watch these guys perform on television, read about them in Rolling Stone, and stayed caught up on the latest on the Internet.  In September of 1999, I was there for the kick-off of the US Millennium tour.  Upper Level.  Good seats, but, they were still so far away, like they weren't even real.  Here I am, there they are.

This year, I am so close, I can see sweat...Then, as they walk across the catwalk, I am standing up in my chair, waving as if my life depended on it...and Brian looked at me and smiled.  Looked into my eyes.  In that moment, FINALLY, they were real.  I made a personal connection with a Backstreet Boy.  He would never in a million years remember me out of a crowd..after all, he has seen so many.  But I will never in a million years forget that second when a member of the band that makes me smile with the beautiful vocals, and devotion to the fans, looked at me, acknowledged my presence, and made my night.

Now, before anyone goes off on me...I am not idolizing anyone.  I know that the Backstreet Boys are human beings..they make mistakes, they have hardships, and good times.  It's just that I was glad to have one of them look and hopefully see the admiration that I have for all of them for all of the hard work that they do to keep us happy.

Sure, they may have the best buses, a home in practically every state, designer clothes on their backs...but they sacrifice time with family, friends...they give up privacy to the majority of their lives in press rooms, on planes or tour buses, or on sets, all so that we can enjoy the God given talent that they have.  For that reason, they will always have my admiration.  These guys give their ALL to us.  And I am so- privileged to call myself a fan.

Thanks guys, for an awesome night.  - Gotta Go!  (lol) -Manda