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Name: Angela

Birth date: September 5, 1980

Nicknames: AJ, Ange, Chicken Bucket (that is a joke!) :)

Peeves: When somebody says that I like the BSB for the way that they look. They are cute, I mean I have eyes but I have liked them since they first came out and just found out like a year ago what they looked like. When people judge other people that they do not know.  Stingy people, mean people. Sorry this is getting long. :)

If I could change my name: I like Angela

My greatest feature: My big joker smile

My worst feature: I dunno

People tell me that I'm: nice, thoughtful, kind, perky, cheerful, considerate, an all around nice person, (slow in getting stuff in to Manda for this web site...added by Manda  lol)

My goal in life: Right now to finish college.

My major/minor in college: Major: Theatre Education; Minor: English (I am thinking about a double major but...I'll NEVER leave school :)

Movie/book character most like me: All the women in "Little Women". I have a trait from each of them.


Color: purple, blue, silver

Movie: I have too many to answer this

Quote: "There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." --Albert Einstein 1879-1955

TV Show: Party of Five (the reruns now that it is cancelled), Dawson's Creek, Popular, Charmed, Days of our Lives, Passions, The Simpsons. That is pretty much it, and I don't watch these very often!

Things to do: Study, go to work, study, go to work (just kidding) Hang w/ my friends @ college or come home to see people like Manda!, listen to CD's (BSB of course!), and try to enjoy life.

On the BSB's:

Favorite BSB: Brian b/c his voice is so wonderful (and cause he looked at me!), and AJ b/c at Charlotte 2001 he was so awesome!

Favorite song from Debut: As Long As You Love Me

Favorite song from Millennium: Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

Favorite song from Black and Blue: The Call

Favorite Debut video:  As Long As You Love Me

Favorite Millennium video: Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely

Favorite Black and Blue video: I haven't seen one yet, but I'll let you know

Favorite B-side:  Ummm...nothing?

Debut Album,Millennium or Black and Blue: I love Millennium still, the debut is awesome of course, and Black and Blue is better now that I have heard it live. However I think that nothing will top Millennium.

Ever been to a concert: Charlotte, NC. Sept 17, 1999 and Charlotte, NC Jan 26, 2001

Ever met them: Not yet...even if we did come really close at the first concert, and they were like five feet away from me at the second one. Brian looked at me and waved and I think Nick got the wrong impression of me (more on that later).

Favorite quote from a BSB: Not too sure...let me think about that one and I'll get back to ya!--NOT A QUOTE....JUST ME!

Which BSB are you most like:  I don't know b/c I don't know them personally, but I probably have traits from all of them.

Biggest BSB confusion: I Want It That Way...which way do they want it? Give me your heart; Manda just pointed this out to me, they say "give me YOUR love, I'll give you MY heart." AHHHHHHH, NO EDITING!

Song title that is just too d@mn long: What makes you different makes you beautiful; the song is beautiful but please make the title shorter...PLEASE!!!!

My BSB buddy:

TA DA, that would be Manda. I met her two years ago at temporary job we both applied for. Our first conversation went something like this:

 Manda: Blah, blah
 Me: No way! Me too!  Blah, blah
 Manda: No way! Me too!  Blah, blah
 Me: No way! Me too!
Do you get the picture? It was like we had the exact same life. If we weren't born on different days and years I would swear that we were twins.  I have always liked the BSB, ever since they came out.  But Manda got me hooked.  Now thanks to that we are getting lost, getting more crazy than ever, going to their concerts, and trying for Fanatic.  All in all I know that whenever I have a problem I can turn to Manda and even if she does not know what to do, will listen to me and then make me laugh until my sides hurt. At this very moment we are crying b/c the concert is over and they are in Atlanta resting for the concert tonight. Also I have to go back to school and we won't see each other for another month at least. Oh well, hopefully the pictures will turn out and you guys will see how awesome they looked at least. Manda, love ya mean it!

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